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— Daily Tune 21/05/2021

Luna Li Soothes Loneliness With the Bright and Dreamy Single “Alone But Not Lonely”

Alone But Not Lonely clocks in at barely two minutes and when the groove stops, it makes you wish the song would go on a little longer. Released by Toronto-based singer and songwriter Hannah Kim under the moniker Luna Li, the single is part of an EP with the same title. The artist plays with retro-style strings in the beginning just to have a groovy bassline and heavily distorted guitar strings take over after a few seconds. Alone But Not Lonely evokes dream-like retro vibes and the multiple layers of warm instrumentation make it sound rich and colorful. Luna Li repeats the title of the song like a mantra, but the one line is all the song needs. Written as an attempt to cheer herself up, the single certainly does provide the soothing cheerful energy for the listener as well.

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