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— Daily Tune 02/06/2021

Lxandra Unleashes An Irresistible Slice Of Disco On The Groovy “Sideways”

Having drawn comparison to none other than Adele for her 2019 debut EP Another Lesson Learned, the bar was already set pretty high for any follow-ups from Lxandra. Never one to disappoint, however, the Finnish born singer has turned up the heat for her latest single Sideways. It’s is an irresistible slice of disco that’ll have your foot tapping before you even know it, where synth stabs and luscious strings are the order of the day, all wrapped in a groove-laden cloak. It’s also another dazzling vocal performance, where Lxandra, now based in Berlin, proves that there’s always joy to be had if you look for it. “Sideways is probably the most fun song on the album,” she explains. “To me it’s about realizing your own self worth and hopefully learning to leave behind things that you know are not good for you, even though it’s hard.“ Following on from last months single Sabotage, Sidways is the second track to be taken from her upcoming debut album Careful What I Dream Of, due to be released on 11th June via Polydor, and provides yet more evidence that it’s set to be a blistering record.

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