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— Daily Tune 03/11/2020

MADANII & LLUCID Deliver A Power Anthem For Diversity On “Dngr”

Over the past years Berlin-based singer MADANII and producer LLUCID formed a strong unit together that grows tighter and tigther with every release. 3RD 3YE is the name of their latest EP and Dngr is a key track on it; a slick piece of synthesized contemporary R&B pop that comes with an compromising message. This is the duo’s personal power pop anthem against racism and prejudice, a fight for diversity and the right to exist. And the music video really underlines that. Together with director Gianna Shamone and BIPOCs the duo created a short film that raises awareness withouth pathos while also being quite stylish. The protagonists are as diverse as our society is and there are tons of subtle notes that make this video very effective (like LLUCID not speaking certain lines of the text as he’s not affected to such a degrees as a white male). Dngr is a glimpse into a better future – and you are kindly invited to shape it.

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