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— Daily Tune 04/02/2021

Madeline Kenney Explores New Production Styles On “Wasted Time”

Singer Madeline Kenney released her brilliant record Sucker’s Lunch last year and follows it up with the EP Summer Quarter already. The EP is a more experimental approach towards music making and comes along with a different production style than the previous works. Entirely self-produced, it deals with topics that a lot of us were confronted with over the course of the last year. Wasted Time, for example, is a loosely composed indie pop effort that “is about making art and finding the process of selling that art to be the thing that kills it, and how hard it can be to create under duress and urgency”. Like the instruments inhabiting space on the single in an intuitive way, so do the dancers that Madeline Kenney hired for the self-directed music video. Shot in an empty amphitheater, the space surrounding them becomes metaphorical for the vacuum of stimulation from the outside world during the pandemic.

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