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— Daily Tune 02/04/2021

Magic Island Unfolds Gloomy R&B Vibes On “Bury Me Alive”

Over the past six years Emma Czerny and her alter ego Magic Island have become a steady force in the restless creative indie scene of Berlin’s Neukölln district. Her forthcoming second studio album So Wrong takes her arty understanding of pop music to an ambitious new level. It’s a concept album, dedicated to her neighbourhood, the dirty streets of Neukölln and packed with personal stories about trippy drug-loaded nights, failed love affairs and lots of other material. And it also shifts her sound towards a more R&B-infected place since Czerny also got inspired by the buzzing German underground rap scene. Bury Me Alive is a short yet efficient glimpse into the new Magic Island cosmos. It’s a dirty, reduced piece of pumping R&B but on top of it the singer’s voice adds and odd and honest twist to the entire track. She makes it work and really transports that emotion of getting overwhelmed by the unfair system in which we all operate in. The album So Wrong is out on May 14 via Mansions And Millions so make sure to watch out for his one.

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