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— Daily Tune 08/11/2021

“Bubbly Cool Drink” By Mall Girl Is Tasty Piece Of Indie Pop Escapism

In a constant long for escapism rising Norwegian alt-pop band Mall Girl got just the right tune for that vibe. Bubbly Cool Drink is not just a fitting title but the shapeshifting track that comes with it also works pretty well as a little musical daydreaming device, carried by hypnotizing grooves, infectious hooks and bittersweet lyrics. It also transports the live energy of Mall Girl quite good, something that used to be the foundation of their songwriting until Covid-19 obviously forced them to change work patterns. Still, the result is a satisfying one. And the Bubbly Cool Drink is not about a simple celebration of the good things in life but also comes with a bit reflection as the band explains: “Somehow your fantasy of better times is what’s keeping you afloat and maybe one day you’ll drink your bubbly cool drink in the Bahamas rather than a stingy bar somewhere in a rainy, cold town.” A full debut album is set to arrive on Jansen Records in the spring of 2022.


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