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— Daily Tune 11/06/2021

Maple Glider Finds A Companion In Hard Times On “Baby Tiger”

Baby Tiger is a song for late nights. The quiet vocals and guitar strums are an intimate 3am concert that make you feel like you are in Tori Zietsch’s bedroom. The Melbourne-based musician releases music as Maple Glider and the single Baby Tiger is her latest effort. Inspired by the house cat Coriander which made her feel better when she was struggling with her mental health, the video features the little companion. “Her energy made me feel lighter”, the singer says and even though the song is addressed to a man, Tori Zietsch says she is detached. Baby Tiger is the gentle strumming on the guitar of someone who is longing for something or someone feeling lonely after midnight. And if there is no cat near to comfort you, the tender new Maple Glider song might do. The artist will release her first LP To Enjoy is the Only Thing later this month on June 25.

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