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— Daily Tune 20/05/2019

Marcus Admund Funck – ‘Holly, Lie! (feat. Paulina Palmgren)’

We’ve met Marcus Admund Funck before, as part of indie-rock duo Honeymilk when we premiered their song Coming Home a while ago. Now Admund Funck is stepping out on his own, with a solo project, re-opening a chapter he started when playing shows as a 16-year-old back on his home island Gotland. Holly, Lie! is the latest single to drop from the project, and for it he’s pulled in Paulina Palmgren (La Lusid), one of Sweden’s most-talented providers of warm, crackling fireplace vocals, for help. Holly, Lie! is a song in the tradition of old, heart-bruised troubadours, a lolloping, shuffling ode to spilling your woes fall out on the pavement, surfing the fear of losing someone. Funck says “I’ve never been afraid of dying. But I panic when I think about other people leaving me. In different ways, the idea of never seeing someone again. In autumn, my father had a heart attack, while I was in Krakow drinking G&Ts. He survived, and I’m dedicating this song to him”.

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