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— Daily Tune 19/11/2021

“Wait For You” By Margot Is The Warm Musical Comfort We All Need Right Now

There’s something incredibly soothing and wonderful about Wait For You, the latest single by London-based band Margot. It spreads a feeling of warm and honest longing (“in the sunshine I wait for you”) which might be best experienced on a hot summer day but since we can’t offer that right now it also functions as a musical escape from the grey and cold November reality. “I wrote the words for ‘Wait For You’ quite a few years ago,” explains the band in a statement. “I was away in America for a year, and I was feeling homesick, lonely and frustrated … There were a lot of times I’d be on my own, sitting, walking, working, reading. I’d close my eyes in the sun and listen to the hum of the world and see images/hallucinations. I suppose this sort of meditation made me feel closer to the person and place I was far away from. Writing the song was also a source of comfort, a way to turn the loneliness into something creative and comforting.” And if you happen to feel a bit lonley right now as well we strongly recommend you to give that new Margot song a spin right now. It might brighten your day.

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