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— Daily Tune 08/09/2021

Miloe Teams Up With Jamila Woods and Vagabon For A Remix Of “Winona”

The young musician and producer Miloe has already proven his unique talent for songwriting with the much-celebrated release of Winona last year. Now he teamed up with beloved Jamila Woods and Vagabon for a remixed version of the track. The vocals of the two singers fit smoothly into the lush indie pop meets afro-beat instrumentation. Varying in vocal texture, the collaboration highlights Miloe’s skill for musical matchmaking. Jamila Woods and Vagabon, who the artist both admires, wrote their respective verses completing the longing lyrics of the original track. Winona is a rework  done right, each artist brings their unique musical note to the table without losing sight of the essence of the track.

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