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— Daily Tune 07/01/2021

Mirèle Captures A Sunset’s Glow In An Indie Rock Song On “Секретный пляж”

Russian artist Mirèle put out two albums in 2019, and, right at the end of the year, she managed to sneak out a new one in 2020, Пишу и стираю (I Write and Erase) a record that apart from a few guest slots (French hip-hop artist Myth Syzer, MILKOVSKIY and Лови’s Roma Danilov) is all her own work, written, recorded, mixed and mastered at home, an album that pulls in influences from across the musical spectrum, from subtle club music to jittery, atmospheric electronica, and filters them all back into her modernist, fluid pop sound. We brought you an early single from it, Кто же Ты, back in May, and now with the record out, it’s time to turn our attentions onto another, Секретный пляж (Secret Beach). Секретный пляж is new territory for her. With its soft, sparkling guitars, it’s a first step into indie-rock, and she wraps that guitar sparkle around her voice to capture a sense of graceful melancholy, an effortlessly pretty song warmed up with a sunset’s glow. It’s a pretty simple song, but it’s loaded with feeling, and has that special power music sometimes has, to stop time and make the world outside the song fade away. Пишу и стираю is out now.

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