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— Daily Tune 17/09/2019

MISSINCAT – ‘Bisogno Di Te’

MISSINCAT is the alter ego of Berlin-based singer Caterina Barbieri. The Italian musician gained recognition early on with her indie pop she previously sung in English. With her fifth LP 10, she returns to her roots. Bisogno Di Te is a sweeping ballad and a hopeful cry for a better future leaving the troubled past behind. The electronic instrumentation is paired with piano melodies balancing the song between fragility and power, hope and despair, tender beauty and fierce bravery. Singing in her mother tongue gave Barbieri a more intimate way of expressing herself and sharing a special bond with her homeland. For unfamiliar ears the soaring Italian words radiate an exotic and warm vibe, reminding me of summer nights by the beach in Tuscany.

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