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— Daily Tune 04/04/2019

Money For Rope – ‘Actually’

Psychedelic Rock with a Rolling-Stones-like groove, funky guitar licks and a whole lot of sunny surf vibes – may I introduce Actually. The track is lifted off the Melbourne five-piece Money For Rope’s most recent album Picture Us and a dynamic work of music, which simultaneously belongs nowhere and everywhere on the genre spectrum. Starting out as mellow surf rock with funk sensibilities, the single shifts by 360 degrees and peaks in a fuzzy garage epic powered by the, not one but two drummers of the band. ‘I’m exactly who I want to be’ croons lead singer Jules McKenzie in a classic David Byrne manner with just the right amount of punchy madness. Just like Money For Rope know exactly where they want to be musically, and are doing a damn good job at that.

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