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— Daily Tune 30/01/2018

Monumental Men – ‘Enemy’

Enemy is the second release of the new found swiss electronic-ambient trio Monumental Men. By fusing intensive close-up shots of human emotion and movement with wide-scaled views of rivers, mountains and other motives picked from nature, the trio creates a visual ambivalence in the accompanying music video that matches the atmospheric intensity of the band’s soundscape. In cinematic pictures and sounds the band builds up an discomforting and at the same time electrifying vibe. The song channels it in threatening ambient grooves, using elements of electronica, trip hop and distorted vocals with a steady subliminal feel of tension. The trio, consisting of Biru and Melvyn Buss, both being natives in the electronic fields, and folk singer Roman Bühlmann, present their music live on their upcoming tour through Switzerland and Berlin in March. Sit back and immerse yourself in this intensive interplay of sound and vision.

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