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— Daily Tune 21/01/2021

Morly Releases Heartfelt Long-Distance Love Song “Twain Harte”

The singer-songwriter Morly just released Twain Harte, an ode to a loved one who is separated by distance. The artist Katy Morley shows newfound strength on the first release since her retreat from the industry in 2017. Twain Harte is proof that in those years, the musician did not lose a bit of her talent. The stripped back piano ballad is moving without needing fancy gimmicks to do so. Especially, the heartfelt lyrics give the single its melancholic and longing vibe. It sounds like it comes straight from the singer’s heart and is such an intimate confession that listening to it almost feels like intruding on a private moment. This year Morly will step back onto the map with more releases to come and Twain Harte sets the right tone.

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