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— Daily Tune 05/06/2020

Moyka Unleashes Sparkling Nordic Pop Diamond With ‘Violet’

Hailing from the restless creative scene of Norwegian hot spot Bergen Moyka is the next female force to follow the footsteps of Aurora and Sigrid when it comes to conquering the international world of pop. However, she does that with a certain amount of artistic determination. Her latest single Violet might still feel like a state-of-the-art/three-and-a-half-minutes pop dream but it got that slightly darker attempt which gives it a special feeling. Violet is a call for empowerment, seeing the songwriter getting over a failed relationship. It’s a powerful tune, one that feels a bit like the a goth-take on the captivating electropop that we’ve come to love from the North. Moyka got an entire EP called Spaces on its way and it’s out this month. Don’t you dare skipping it.

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