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— Daily Tune 01/09/2021

MUNYA Invites You To The Sun-Drenched Shores Of “Cocoa Beach”

Welcome back, girls and boys! I hope you enjoyed the little NBHAP summer break. Well, in terms of actual summer weather it was kind of a mixed affair over here in Berlin but at least we got the indestructible power of music. And Canadian songwriter Josie Boivin aka MUNYA comes just with the right amount of sun-drenched indie-pop sweetness to be a fitting first Daily Tune as we’re returning today. Fittingly titled Cocoa Beach it’s a shimmering piece of warm nostalgia and her first material since her trilogy of EPs that was released back in 2018 and 2019. Now, MUNYA is readying her first ever album which goes by the name Voyage To Mars and arrives on November the 5th. Cocoa Beach also comes with a lovely Ashley Benzwie directed music video that sees the songwriter having a good time with a visitor from outer space. It’s just the sort of light-hearted sound I need today – and maybe you too.

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