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— Daily Tune 11/01/2021

“Vanilla” By Naheli Is The Socially Distanced Disco Anthem We All Need Right Now

If you were still longing for a proper party anthem for the current quarantine don’t look any further – Cologne-based songwriter Naheli and Vanilla are the tempting synthpop gem to dance through your apartment while having your pyjamas still on. Call me boring, super safe, but never sorry,” she sings in the funky verses before Naheli heads into a catchy hook that will stuck in your head for the rest of the week, I promise. “Vanilla-coke please … no cherry on top … no I won’t do shots” – cheers to that decision. In an ironic twist the majority of the stylish music video plays in an empty bar which is another fitting contradiction for the weird times we’re currently living in. However, don’t read too much into this one – Vanilla is a joyful little distraction to put a smile onto your faces during this cold and grey Monday and you can’t thank Naheli enough for it.

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