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— Daily Tune 12/03/2021

Nathan Ball Dives Into The Eye Of The Storm With “Blindside”

Some weeks back we called out British folk-pop artist Nathan Ball to our newcomer’s limelight – and with Blindside, the wonderful lead single to his forthcoming debut album, the gifted songwriter demonstrates he’s worth looking out for. Led off by a chilling verse, accompanied by soft piano chords, the piece soon picks up a loaded atmosphere, drifting to the shores of worn out sentiments. As if someone were to draw the movement of a rushing wave storming towards a rugged cliff, Nathan Ball captures the beauty of such torrents in a poignant tune that documents a relationship that is falling apart, the feeling of losing sight of who each other is and craving that connection and emotion back. With each release, the songwriter has shown off his virtue of fusing his folk passion with ambient electronic feels and this gem is just another beautiful leap in that direction. Dive right into it and stay tuned for more on here soon!

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