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— Daily Tune 23/07/2018

Ned Collette – ‘Grant’s Farm’

There’s something quite old-fashioned but also very captivating in Grant’s Farm, the latest single by Australian singer/songwriter Ned Collette. First of it, it’s over seven minutes long which doesn’t happen that often in a folk song. Apart from that it also refuses to follow predictable structures. I mean, it got a returning chorus in some form but this one feels like a naturally flowing continuation of the song’s cinematic narrative. It’s a song that makes you want to stop time in order to fully concentrate on its mesmerizing atmosphere. It ends with the memorable line ‘Blackness streamed with gold’ and that might also sum up the track’s character pretty well. The hypnotizing music video featuring Ned Collette on his bicycle is pretty helpful as well. His new double LP Old Chestnut arrives on August 24th, 2018 via It Records and Feeding Tube Records.

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