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— Daily Tune 12/10/2020

Finnish Dream Rockers NEØV Shine Even Brighter On “Burnt My Fingers”

Brothers Anssi an Samuli Neuvonen aka NEØV have become a steady force to measure with in the Nordic indie rock scene and we think it’s about time for the rest of the world to acknowledge that. Their forthcoming fourth album Picture Of A Good Life should be a perfect door opener here as it looks like we’ll get the most defined version of the ever-changing group yet. Following the pretty mighty opening song Marathon the freshly released second single Burnt My Fingers shows a slightly faster facet of the duo. It’s a powerful indie rock smasher that keeps the dreamy notion of the NEØV sound while adding a bit more raw energy to the equation. You clearly here the playful vibe these two must have had in the studio while recording this one. Needless to say it’s a much needed Monday mood lifter. Picture Of A Good Life is set for a release in January 2021 and you can be sure that we won’t stop reminding you about that.

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