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— Daily Tune 06/04/2021

Neumatic Parlo Find “Real Insight” In The Sounds Of Their Hometown

In the past years, the Düsseldorf-based label Unique Records has served as a focal point for a local scene of vintage sounds. Bands like Love Machine, Blackberries or Suzan Köcher with their psychedelic and krautrock undertones have breathed fresh life into a sound the city once had a key role in shaping. Though markedly distinct in their musical socialization, five-piece Neumatic Parlo seem to have taken a hint from their label mates with their new single Real Insight. A mélange of early 90s britpop and sprinkles of psychedelic rock, the track departs from the sound of their debut EP All Purpose Slicer, whose noisy, post-punk spirit was only thinly disguised by its subdued production. Singer Vincent Göttler, too, has traded his angry growl for a heartfelt croon not too far removed from Wand’s Cory Hanson, while the twangy guitars and slick pulse make for a fitting soundtrack to the first warm days of spring. Neumatic Parlo’s 2nd EP Random Toaster is due on May 14.

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