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— Daily Tune 23/05/2019

Noseholes – ‘Ant And End’

Who said a song needs at least three and a half minutes to stick in your head? Definitely not Hamburg based post-punk band Noseholes! The titletrack of their second record with the unmistakable name Ant And End barley crosses the two minute mark – but doesn’t need any longer to convince. A post-punk riff, a simple off-beat and singer Zoosea Cide yelling her minimalistic lyrics. Add a simple uplifting bridge, repeat everything until everyone knows the lyrics and voilà!:  A fine no-disco-punk track to dance your shoes off. Having made a name for themselves as the support on last years Sleaford Mods-Tour in Germany, with this song and corresponding new record the less than 550 facebook likes should only be a snap shot!

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