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— Daily Tune 06/12/2018

Novaa – ‘Almond Eyes’

‘Whatever I wear, whatever I look like, I’ll always be wrong when I dress like a woman’ – 22-year-old singer Novaa drops some serious truth on her newest release Almond Eyes and I am not only down for this – I am living for it. The Berlin-based artist confronts one of the most internalized issues societies worldwide are suffering from: misogyny. Men’s idea that women and their bodies are property which can be taken by them whenever they feel like it. You just have to take another line out of Novaa’s masterpiece to get into the concrete struggle: ‘Get your hands off me, don’t you think that I ask for it, I don’t want your kiss’. The song sounds like the result of a young woman to finally come clean of her rights as a human being and that you have to talk the talk when it comes to equality. Welcome once again to feminism, dear readers. The journey of understanding how unacceptable human behavior is might take a while, but eventually breaks through the walls in some heads. Let’s take today’s daily tune not only as a great soundtrack, but also as an advice.

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