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— Daily Tune 13/07/2021

Novaa Pays Homage to Writer and Activist Audre Lorde on the Minimalistic “Audre”

Novaa releases an homage to Audre Lorde – a Black queer feminist activist and write whose essays and poems are still of importance. Audre is a minimalistic song, but one that is none the less intensely moving. With flutes and shy guitar strums Novaa crafts a bed for their vocals examining the important works of anti-racism and queer-feminism of Audre Lorde that still do not get enough recognition. As Novaa puts it; “It makes me angry and sad that our society mostly doesn’t see, recognize nor credit the work that black women do”. Novaa encourages to rethink and change the “power game” that continues to be held in place and to speak up because, in Lorde’s words; “your silence will not protect you”. Audre is the last single the artist releases before her album She’s A Rose is out this Friday.

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