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— Daily Tune 10/07/2018

Novaa – ‘Club Paradise’

German wunderkind Novaa made herself a name as a collaborator with writer and producer Moglii on their EP Down Under in 2016. Now the time has come the 21-year-old singer shows her own strength – to all her glory and world’s fortune. Club Paradise is a mesmerizing piece of everything electro-orientated music should sound like. Dreamy, soft with a bit of a hard edge and the perfect balance of pop-influenced repetition in sound to stuck in your head. A soundtrack to its own melody. The title leads not only into a mysterious party listeners want to join, but represents a welcome to her future work at the same time. We don’t know about you, but we are up for more from this young artist’s mind and its sound. You can catch Novaa live next at this year’s MELT! Festival next weekend where she’ll be also taking over NBHAP’s Instagram for one day.

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