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— Daily Tune 30/01/2019

Novecub – ‘I Still Need It’

If you listen to Novacub‘s debut single I Still Need It and can’t shake off a certain feeling of ‘Wait a sec, that sounds familiar’ you are not alone. Yes, these sharp guitar riffs and the urgent drumming really reminds me a bit of Bloc Party‘s early days and the fact that two of its members – founding member Russell Lissack and drummer Louise Bartle who joined them back in 2015 – are part of Novacub only underlines that feeling (well, or causes it). However, don’t mistake them for a simple side-project as this furious four-piece got a life of its own. Bartle takes over lead vocals and it’s as charming as her drumming is, I must say. I Still Need It spreads that reckless and youthful indie-pop/rock vibe that you don’t see this often anymore (and yes, that also includes Bloc Party). This track is three minutes of energy boost and I surely hope we’ll get more from these folks in the next months.

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