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— Daily Tune 18/11/2019

Odd Beholder – ‘Transatlantic Flight’

There’s something truly wonderful and soothing about the sound of Daniela Weinmann aka Odd Beholder. We’ve been following the path of her project for a few years now and last year’s debut album All Reality Is Virtual was one of our favourite 50 albums of 2018. Now, the Swiss musician returns with a first teaser from a potential follow-up full-length. The delicate Transatlantic Flight does indeed feel like a trip through the clouds. However, there’s a deeper meaning behind it as Weinmann reflects about her relationship with nature and what flying actually means in this day and age. In a press release the artist states: “It crosses your mind that nature had been great, and nature will be great again, but you won’t be around to write poems about it. It’s time to go and you just wish you had the change to go better.” And we think that sums it up pretty well. Odd Beholder‘s nostalgic-filled synthpop continues to play in a league of its own. She’s also on tour soon so don’t miss that.

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