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— Daily Tune 01/10/2019

Okay Kaya – ‘Ascend And Try Again’

Last year’s debut album Both by Norwegian-born, New York-based artist Kaya Wilkins has been a way too underrated gem that deserves more attention. In the past months she signed to Jagjaguwar and has been working on a follow-up. Ascend And Try Again is the haunting first teaser from this work and it’s pretty mesmerizing. Okay Kaya delivers a ghostly and meditative piece of experimental folk and that partly has to do with the song’s origins. Last year the artist was offered a role to appear in a Swedish film that required Kaya to essentially become a professional grade scuba diver. In the end an inner-ear proclivity for infection kept her out of the film but in the preparation for this job she found that scuba theory is not so different from self-care and mental health mantras. You can spot a few phrases from the scuba manual in this new Okay Kaya song which also works great if you are not in the water.

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