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— Daily Tune 09/07/2021

Ola Village Provides Irresistible Sing-a-long Spirit On “Anger Problems”

All is not what it seems on Norwegian singer Ola Village’s latest single Anger Problems, for hiding behind the perky exterior is a rather more sarcastic sheen. Having shifted persona from the NRK P3 Urørt (Untouched) award-winning Jon Olav, the Oslo-based artist has gained pop-traction with both of his most recent releases, namely the chilled A OK and the tender Love To Cry. And although the vibe feels buoyant on Anger Problems, which is wonderfully reminiscent of Danish rockers Mew in their upbeat prime, with a bouncy, flouncy sound packed full of swirly synths and lively percussion, the lyrics tell a different story altogether. Explaining the dichotomy, Ola Village says “It’s a song about me making up arguments in my mind with people that I don’t like. And I win every time. It’s pretty nice. But it might also be an indication that I have some low-key anger problems. Either that or I’m really good at anger management. I don’t know.” Regardless, the overall vibe on Anger Problems is one of irresistible sing-a-long-ability (yes, that’s a word), and is further proof of his stand-out talent as an astute songwriter. It’s a track that deserves to get played often and get played loud this summer. With news of an upcoming EP to follow soon too, there’s every reason to look forward to hearing a lot more from this Nordic sensation in the coming months.

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