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— Daily Tune 20/06/2019

Olympia – ‘Hounds’

In the mood for a powerful indie rock anthem form Down Under? Olivia Barley, the creative force behind project Olympia, got this really captivating new single called Hounds and we think you should not miss it. According to the songwriter the reckless rocker is a shimmering, kaleidoscopic requiem about calling someone out on their bullshit. Well, but it’s also a track that asks what it means to be human; to feel and to evolve. ‘Your reinventions endless, I’ll keep belief suspended’, Olympia sings in the pumping track that is driven by this existential urgency the sound transports. It’s a tender form of rage, if you like to label it that way. The songwriter’s sophomore album Flamingo arrives on July 5 via Opposite Number Records so you better keep it on your radar.

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