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— Daily Tune 06/01/2021

Omer Moskovich Is On The Rise With The Indie Pop Single “אמביציה”

The indie pop singer Omer Moskovich already gained a following in her home country Israel with her acclaimed debut album in 2017. Her latest single Ambition (אמביציה) was released in December and shows the pop sensibilities of the musician. Sung in Hebrew over synth-layers and a steady beat, Omer Moskovich’s lyrics are about the pitfalls of personal ambition describing it as a monster, which can eat you up if you aim too high. The colorful and humorous music video to the single fits the style of the artist’s previous outputs. Ambition is a lush, upbeat song and shows that Omer Moskovich is an artist to watch in the international indie pop industry. The singer will release her second record Join the Herd (נצטרף לעדר) this March.

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