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— Daily Tune 08/04/2019

Ora The Molecule – ‘Samurai’

International pop outfit Ora The Molecule first caught my attention when they supported yacht pop sweethearts Poolside at their recent Berlin gig. Their performance was a memorable one thanks to the really catchy pop tunes and the charming presence of leading lady Nora Schjelderup. It felt a bit like a fast ride through decades of pop as the band isn’t quite ready to set for just one genre. Their latest single Samurai is a gentle piece of soft synthpop that is carried by a tempting lightness that makes the listener dance. And that sums up the concept behind the group as well as the lyrics celebrate the dance we do when all surroundings seem chaotic and the mind no longer can structure and predict. And that also explains the name Ora The Molecule as a molecule is usually part of something bigger and might not understand its own purpose. So, switch off your head and enjoy this little gem. And don’t forget to catch the band later this month at the INTRODUCING event in Berlin, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

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