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— Daily Tune 19/03/2020

Oskar Bremer – ‘Believe Me’

A good song doesn’t need a fitting music video but the right visuals can indeed help to underline its character and here we have a prime example for that. Oslo-based artist Oskar Bremer‘s single Believe Me is already pretty nice on its own, delivering shimmering dark synthpop vibes that are pretty hypnotizing. His fragile and bewitching vocal performance really carries this track and caresses the listener. The accompanying music video by director Frøydis Fossli Moe is a fitting extension of the song’s character. Surrounded by a group of dancers Bremer can be seen in a state of constant tension but one that is also pretty sensual and gentle. It’s a beautiful struggle and a tempting dance these people deliver on stage and we hope this lovely performance will brighten up your day in these weird times.

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