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— Daily Tune 18/07/2019

Paper Thieves – ‘Pressure’

These days there’s a phobia for everything and just case you didn’t know but Koumpounophobia is the fear of buttons. And it’s also the title of the forthcoming debut LP from Paper Thieves. The funky five-piece with roots in in New Zealand, Turkey and Germany might be afraid of buttons but they are surely not afraid to jump between various musical worlds to get to their creative goal. The band’s latest single Pressure is a jazz-infected piece of synthetic and experimental soul that feels like a retro take on future pop. It’s kind of hard to label it but that’s where the fun usually begins, right? It feels vital and addictive and the crazy office-themed music video only underlines this. Don’t be afraid of Koumpounophobia which arrives on July 26 and don’t forget to check out more Paper Thieves music in our Sunny Indie Vibes Playlist right now.

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