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— Daily Tune 11/11/2020

Paris Jackson Steps Out Of Her Father’s Shadow And Into The Musical Limelight On “Let Down”

A famous name and origin can be a blessing and a burden at the same time. Just ask the goddamn Trump kids, right? Having said that … Paris Jackson. Wait a second… is she? Yes, she is. And obviously it, being the daughter of the former ‘king of pop’ gives you a certain head start when it comes to your career and over the past ten years since her father passed away Paris tried out a few things as songwriter, actress, model and activist. But if you take the celebrity aspect a way for a second and focus on her debut solo single Let Down you might actually surprised by it. First of it, she’s heading for a totally different direction musically and despite a major label deal and the high gloss music video that comes with it Paris Jackson actually delivers a surprisingly laidback, reduced piece of indie-infected dreamy folk. It got a few Cocteau Twins moments in there as well and Mrs. Jackson delivers a really great and honest performance here that really makes you question why it needed that cinematic music video? Well, you can’t shake off your roots entirely, right? Her debut solo LP Wilted is also out this week via Republic Records

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