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— Daily Tune 15/03/2021

People Club Dance Somewhere Between Indie Pop And Neo-Soul On “Take Me Home”

The Berlin-based five-piece People Club release Take Me Home alongside the announcement of the EP release by the same name in May. Formed in 2017, the band combines their musical styles and talents to a smooth mixture of indie pop and neo-soul elements. Take Me Home is driven by several elements coming together. The bass line forging a steady backdrop, the synth layers dancing with the vocals by singer Sarah Martin. The funky elements and the reverbed guitars of the chorus almost veil the existential lyrics about growing old and the frustration and cynicism of the realization that you weren’t ready for life already fading out. People Club inhabit their niche between indie pop, soul, and RnB perfectly and audibly pay attention to every single detail of the composition on Take Me Home.

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