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— Daily Tune 28/11/2019

Philipp Rohmer & The Micronaut – ‘Internet’

The world of music is full with songs about the internet and if you search through it you’ll be able to find plenty of tunes that aproach the subject in various ways. Instrumentalist Philipp Rohmer delivers a more abstract and slightly odd theme song for the World Wide Web, togteher with electronic music producer The Micronaut. Barely three minutes long the instrumental track lets the power of the analogue string bass (his main instrument) clash with Micronaut‘s synthetic beats, creating a flickering tension that is as relaxing as it is also slightly disturbing. It’s a fascinating, hypnotic groove and the animations by our old pal Stefan Ibrahim underline that. “Please enjoy a bunch of ikea construction manual styled illustrations that came alive while trying to picturize 3 minutes of sexy bass music, looped through some hi tec pc computer to make them sound like its 1989 in a world of 2019,” the illustrator describes the clip and that sums up the vibe of Internet (the song) pretty good. Philipp Rohmer‘s album Mycelium is out now via New Way Records.

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