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— Daily Tune 10/01/2018

PILLARS – ‘The Pugilist (Crazy)’

Sometimes external inspiration can have a motivating effect on your own art and in the case of British songwriter PILLARS that inspiration came from her fellow musician Keaton Heston. Originally she wrote a track called Crazy for her EP but never managed to get it done in the way that was satisfying. But then The Pugilist by Heston came along as the artist confirms: ‘I felt Keaton had hit the nail on the head – it was as if he’d taken what I was trying to say and beaten me to it. I think I was initially struggling because I haven’t come to terms with the part of me that the message of this song was itching to come from – maybe he has?’ So, she combined a cover of the track with her own lyrics for Crazy in the end, resulting in such a breathtaking cover/ re-interpretation. It’s taken from the latest PILLARS EP called Honest People.

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