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— Daily Tune 24/06/2021

Pip Blom Are Back With the Energetic and Bright “Keep It Together”

Pip Blom has not lost any of her raging indie rock evergy since the release of the debut Boat in 2019. Keep It Together is the first single the four-piece band fronted by Pip puts out. Working with her brother Tender Blom, the vocals of the siblings harmonize perfectly. Especially on the bridge of the song, the force of the two distinct yet similar voices singing in different keys shines. The energetic and positive mood of the song is matched by a colorful music video featuring the band going crazy in bright 80s style clothing. The huge smiles on the faces of the dancers are as infectious as the single itself. Keep It Together is a shot of indie rock optimism and a promising first release from Pip Blom’s sophomore record Welcome Break out in October.

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