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— Daily Tune 22/04/2019

Pip Blom – ‘Ruby’

My first encounter with Pip Blom was the song Truth, released in 2016 and I immediately liked its grungy sound. I was also impressed by their confidence: ‘Never listen to people who want to change your music’. After an array of stunning singles, EPs and tours, we’re now close to Pip Blom’s first album Boat. Ruby is its second teaser and it’s – in a good way – exactly what you’d expect from the Dutch quartet: smooth melodies as well as bursting noise and self-reflective but not self-regarding lyrics. And the video shot on Super 8 and based on flamingos, the moon and a weird therapy session only underlines the band’s lo-fi, simple and cheerful approach to their music. We’re excited for May 31 when the entire record finally arrives!

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