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— Daily Tune 24/05/2018

Pish – ‘Woman’

Ok, we’re a little late with this one, but you have to give us some leeway sometimes right? Pål Vindenes of Bergen gang Kakkmaddafakka found that he was getting inspiration from a different place to where he’d usually pull his Kakkmaddafakka material from – so he created Pish, a new solo project. His debut album is out now, and we’ve pulled up the single Woman as an example of what he has to offer. Smooth, silky guitar-pop, with sparky riffs bouncing around Vindenes’ aching vocal. Groove is the main ingredient here, from the guitars to the bassline, as Woman snakes and bounces its way into sticking in your brain forever. And its got a video filmed in Bergen, which is such a pretty city that that’s pretty much always a winning concept. If you like that sort of sound you might also want to check out our new ‘Sunny Indie Vibes’ playlist – which obviously also includes this tune. Pish‘s self-titled album is out now on Bergen Mafia Records.

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