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— Daily Tune 03/06/2019

Plàsi – ‘Mystery’

A good tune doesn’t need many proudctional gimmicks if it’s a well-written one. And Mystery is indeed that – a gentle piece of songwriter folk that feels indeed a bit like the title implies. It is delivered by Plàsi, a Swedish songwriter, musician, and producer with Greek roots. His stage name is also the the Ancient Greek word for creation (πλάση), in case you were interested in this information. Mystery is a gentle affair that channels the sound of his Swedish colleagues José González and The Tallest Man On Earth. The song is a bare and emotional affair that was written in a dark night like Plàsi explains: ‘The sea at night gives me a mystic feeling of always being followed by someone without knowing the reason. A feeling of presence that is sketchy at first, but that gives you strength the more you embrace it. ‘Mystery’ is an attempt to picture that with sound and lyrics.’ I think he really succeeded with this attempt, don’t you agree? A full EP that also goes by the name Mystery arrives on September 19 via Nettwerk.

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