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— Daily Tune 20/03/2019

Pom Poko – Crazy Energy Night

Crazy energy fits the latest single by Norwegian band Pom Poko perfectly. With ecstatic punk attitudes and speedy drumbeats, the single will surely get your heart rate up. Pom Poko fully embrace their implacable musical style in the noisy guitar solos, strange shifts in tempo and chaotic avant-garde arrangements. Still the high-pitched bubblegum voice of the singer Ragnhild creates a dissonance to the raging drum solos. ‘Slowly turning mad man into savior’ for mad it surely sounds. Crazy Energy Night peaks in an apocalyptical punk rock outburst, leaving not only shattered eardrums in its wake, but passes on the intoxicating static energy to the listener. The band’s debut album Birthday was released last month and is packed with more indie pop/rock craziness, so you better make sure to give it a spin.

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