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— Daily Tune 02/12/2021

Poppy Ajudha Addresses Social Injustice In A Gentle Way On “London’s Burning”

Sure, London’s Burning by Poppy Ajudha might not be the first song that was written abou the English capital on fire (you all remember The Clash, right?) but it might be the most tender one yet. However, the song itself might come with a trippy and soulful vibe but its lyrics and content are actually loaded with heaviness as the British pop newcomer explains: “London’s Burning is a song that I wrote based around Brexit and the colonial legacy that we have in the UK. The idea that we’ve colonised many parts of the world and we’ve ruined many communities and then when it comes to opening our doors to people in need, we’re so quick to turn our backs.” In the gentle song Ajudha asks demands the listener to recognise the impact that immigrants have had on building her home country and that it’s time to appreciate how influential and important all those different types of people are in the UK. Society and culture are colourful – and they can be powerful. And in this song Poppy Ajudha found the perfect vibe to capture that spirit. Please also mark March 11 in your calender since this is the day she’s going to release her debut album The Power In Us.

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