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— Daily Tune 13/12/2019

Porridge Radio – ‘Lilac’

If you have not made any New Year’s Resolutions yet, here is one to make and to keep! Porridge Radio’s Dana Margolin shouts the mantra of their latest single Lilac over and over again, ‘I want us to be kinder to ourselves and to each other’. The Brighton-based quartet proves with their third single this year, that they are one to keep an eye on. Creating an unsettling dissonance between noisily screeching guitars and more minimalistic and peaceful episodes, the single is a real ride. Singing of ‘finding the power in powerlessness’ Margolin almost seems to fight against the raging crescendo of instruments. The cathartic screams come from deep inside and in the end becomes one with the magnetic force of the music. Porridge Radio just signed to Secretly Canadian so we can expect more music from them in 2020.

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