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— Daily Tune 11/02/2020

Pottery – ‘Texas Drums Pt I’

While I still try to heavily fight the urgency to say sentences like “This sounds like back in my days” I can’t help to use that ‘dad phrase’ when it comes to Pottery. The Canadian five-piece sounds like a 2020 update of The Rapture meeting Hot Hot Heat, so yes, we’re heading straight to early 00s disco/punk territory. Texas Drums Pt 1 is pure life-embracing sweetness, a simple yet highly addictive tribute to the joys of percussion. On it the five-piece formation of Paul Jacobs, Jacob Shepansky, Austin Boylan, Tom Gould, and Peter Baylis breaks lose and creates an addictive groove that will probably also result in a energetic live performance. Good thing that Pottery are touring Europe this spring. There’s also a second part of Texas Drums which is even more excessive and you find them both on a streaming service near you. On the same place the band’s anticipated debut album will arrive. It’s called Welcome To Bobby’s Motel and it arrives on April 10 via Partisan Records.

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