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— Daily Tune 02/05/2019

Praa – ‘Won’t Forget ’bout You’

From the sunny region of southern France singer Praa delivers a euphoric ode to love and the perfect single to ring in the warm weather. Hiding behind the name, is the musician Marion Lagassat. Growing up on the 90s RnB, Brit-pop and Folk music of her parents, she developed a curiosity for new musical techniques and went from playing the organ in a psychedelic rock band, to making folk music until she found her own sound. What appears to be a fusion of upbeat 60s soul and pop at its best times, is the eclectic mix of retro-tinged electronic and acoustic elements on Won’t Forget ‘bout You. The pop ballad rides on Praa’s soulful vocals and a catchy upbeat groove that will make you want to dance alongside the artist in the fun music video. Her self-titled debut EP is out now via Elephant & Castle.

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