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— Daily Tune 09/04/2019

Ralph Pelleymounter – ‘Wild Beast’

The singer of the Londoner rock band To Kill A King is going solo. Wild Beast is a little taste of Ralph Pelleymounters upcoming debut album Dead Debutante’s Ball, due on the 24th of May. And wild it surely is. The track is a fusion of angry acoustic guitar shredding, sounding like the darker cousin of folk music, and noisy sound effects giving the single a special horror-like feel. The outcome is a ferocious and edgy single about ‘social anxieties and panic attacks’. Ralph Pelleymounter brings these sentiments across by creating a feeling of an impending battle, a dooming chaos, musically as well as emotionally. The beat mixed with the more melodic parts on guitar summon the image of burning flames and trigger the urge to run away, breaking free from the ties of personal issues. If you want it a little bit less existential and intense, the musician and fellow band mate Ben Jackson were part of a hilarious segment of NBHAP’s Palms and Circumstances.

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