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— Daily Tune 24/05/2019

Rosa Anschütz- ‘Diopter’

In 2019 we are all dancing the limbo between the physical world and the abysses of the endless virtuality we are exposed to. Trans-media artist Rosa Anschütz explores the gap between the two parallel worlds on her synth-driven EP Rigid. ‘Diopter’ as a part of it, is an intense orchestral single loaded with glitchy and distorted electronica – a surreal futuristic vision translated into entrancing rhythms and echoing vocals. Rosa Anschütz comments on the single ‘’Diopter’ aimed at describing a particular situation and it felt like a release when I finally found the write words to describe it. Writing the song gave me the right perspective, sort of like like a diopter on a rifle. That’s how I came up with the title. There are others tracks that relate to hunting jargon, and for some reason I really like them.’ Rigid is out today vie Quiet Love and we think you should really give it a spin.

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